This Week 150 years ago in The SunJuly 14: Last evening...


July 14, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

This Week 150 years ago in The Sun

July 14: Last evening, shortly after nine o'clock, a very brilliant meteor shot athwart the sky from south west to north east, resembling a ball of fire, the effect of which, either from its brightness or nearness to the earth, was to produce quite a strong light upon the ground as it passed over.

L July 16: There is no news from the East worth telegraphing.

July 19: A Swindle -- An individual, who certainly does not read the papers, was yesterday morning swindled out of 10 dollars, by a party whom he found on Fells Point, and who were playing the game of betting on a piece of paper enclosed in a box. He stated his grievance to a magistrate, who could do nothing for him. He will know better next time.

100 years ago in The Sun

July 15: A pleasant trolley party, made up of ladies and gentlemen from Chatsworth Methodist Church, visited Emory Grove last evening. The car, which was gaily decorated with flags and lanterns, started from Pine and Franklin streets at eight o'clock.

July 16: The Old Bay Line has established a steamboat route between Baltimore and Richmond.

July 17: WASHINGTON, July 16 -- The first annual convention of )) the National League of Colored Women held its first session here today.

50 years ago in The Sun

July 17: City Councilman Arthur B. Price, asserting he wants to rid the city of unnecessary noises and disturbances, yesterday said he will sponsor at the next session of the council an ordinance prohibiting airplanes -- either commercial or privately owned -- from flying over the city.

July 18: Ocean City, Md., July 17 -- The lid was clamped tight on Ocean City today with not one of the scores of gambling machines usually found in most of the stores, clubs and hotels to be seen.

July 20: A man described by police as a bookmaker was shot to death in broad daylight yesterday, apparently while seated in his automobile in the 900 block of E.Pratt St. -- the heart of Little Italy.

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