Granddad's duds look like a winner Fashion: Youngster enters Jerome Sollins' name in a contest, and the result is a victory for good dressing.

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July 11, 1996|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,SUN FASHION EDITOR

A 9-year-old grandson hooked Jerome Sollins up with a fashion maven. The youngster submitted granddad's name in a Father's Day promotion at Gage World Class Menswear, and his name came up.

He won a grooming makeover, an outfit, and the attentions of a fashion consultant. It was his birthday, to boot.

Sollins liked that just fine, although he admits that he thought was doing pretty well on his own -- with wifely help.

These days, Sollins leans to lots of casual clothing, having retired and sold Shapiro's, the longtime family market on Reisterstown Road. He tries to schedule a lot of golf around the three days a week he does volunteer legal work for Baltimore County.

Relaxed style sits well with Jerry Sollins these days.

So did you pick up some expert fashion hints from your shopping tour with your consultant, Judy Pressman?

No brown for me, she told me. I have brown hair and would blend in with a brownish suit. I guess I never thought of that before, but it makes sense. She knew what she was doing.

What kind of outfit did you two put together?

We limited the choices to dark blue and gray and finally settled on a good-looking gray suit. I would have been fine with a white dress shirt, but she says, no, I should go with a color. So we found a pretty blue one and a very good tie.

Speaking of pretty, have you had your grooming make-over?

I think I'll just let that slide. I don't know if I want to get involved with hair and manicures.

Was your wife along for this fashion trip?

Sure. I wouldn't have chosen it if my wife didn't like it. She's a good-looking woman with all the fashion smarts, but I'm a good dresser.

Do you keep track of designer and labels?

Not at all. If it looks good I get it; don't care who made it. I do lean to nice double-breasted cuts.

Do you go for all-out golf dressing?

I like my golf clothes bright, mostly to make sure nobody is going to hit me with the ball. Anyway, I'm the best looking one in my crowd. Hah!

A good figure, anyway. I still fit into a 40 regular.

That's a standard sample size for fashion models. How hard do you work at it?

Golf and keeping busy does it. I don't think I look the age of a biggie birthday.

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

It's the 65th. I was feted and dined by family and friends. Prime Rib, Tio's, the best restaurants. Wore my best sports coats. Had a great time.

When the kids put my name in for the drawing they could have named their own dad but they designated me, their granddad, as "the man of the house."

That's a gift.

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Pub Date: 7/11/96

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