Camper crew 2 hits the road with MTV in tow

July 09, 1996|By Tamara Ikenberg | Tamara Ikenberg,SUN STAFF

Imagine a Winnebago decked out just as MTV-perfect as the "Real World" condo, and you've got the living quarters for the five adventurers of the show's spin-off, "Road Rules."

In the second season of this country-spanning voyage, the youngsters pick up a series of clues at various locales that direct them toward destinations where they perform escapades from environmentally correct shark-tagging, to sky diving, to buying Cheez Whiz -- all while still looking really good.

Forced to live on a fixed budget, the participants must give up all their plastic money and learn to cooperate financially, as well.

The cast is, surprise diverse!

From a midwestern homecoming queen, to an Israeli army officer, viewpoints and personalities are bound to collide within the wacky Winnebago.

Timmy is a Hugh Grant-esque Irish bartender; Christian is a Norwegian business student and great outdoorsman; Devin is a dread-locked Cleveland resident determined to make his mark; Emily is the homecoming queen, no to mention the president of the Future Homemakers of America, and Efrat is the motorcycle-riding Israeli army officer.

Tension starts to mount as the crew discovers Efrat (Effie) is the only smoker. Better keep those lungs clear if you're going to outswim those sharks.

Pub Date: 7/09/96

'Road Rules'

What: The season premiere, with a new cast of adventurers

When: 10 p.m. July 15

Where: MTV

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