Time to clean houseIn the wake of the recent, miserable...


July 07, 1996

Time to clean house

In the wake of the recent, miserable road trip to Texas, I feel a strong need to vent at what has become the most frustrating Orioles team in recent memory. I cannot remember another Orioles team that had more talent and played so poorly.

Certain players have to go, with Chris Hoiles at the top of the list. Except for the game-winning homer against Seattle, the guy is so un-clutch, it hurts. I am sure glad the Roland Hemond regime saw fit to give a no-arm catcher with one good offensive season a huge, long-term deal.

Luis Polonia, Mike Devereaux and Manny Alexander can all go next. Polonia is Mr. Double Play. Devereaux is a good outfielder, minus his Wakefield-strength arm. His hitting slumps are the stuff of which legends are made. Alexander is strong with the glove, but there is no such role as designated fielder.

Scott Erickson is my final choice for early dismissal. I could pitch just as poorly against the Tigers and the White Sox as he did.

The Orioles are constantly the underachievers, and it is getting old. I hope the players and coaches realize how lucky they are to be within striking distance of New York. The Yankees are getting the most out of their talent and injury problems while we are getting the least.

Josh M. Rosenberg

Baltimore As a longtime fan of the Orioles, I am appalled by the profanity exhibited by several players on the recent road trip.

On two occasions recently, I was disappointed by both the players' use of profanity and the work of O's TV in airing the vulgarities to the public. Ballplayers should be wary of what they're saying -- and cameras should be careful of what they're filming. Set a positive example for today's youth.

Matthew D. Murray


Leave Ripken alone

As far as Peter Angelos is concerned, my opinion won't mean a tinker's damn, but I still must vehemently urge Angelos to get off Cal Ripken's back. Ripken's achievements, awards and personal determination on the field should be enough inspiration for the rest of the team to get off their respective derrieres.

A winning championship team is composed of professionals. Angelos and Pat Gillick have contracted for a group of minor-league players who are egocentric with gross salaries in excess of their true value.

In addition to their base contracts, players are presented with additional bonuses and incentives. If that doesn't inspire game winning responsibility and accountability, neither Ripken nor anyone else will change the morale of this team.

J. Gordon Kroenert

Mays Chapel

Bring back Lowenstein

What really happened to John Lowenstein? Orioles telecasts took a sharp drop in quality when he was let go. Jim Palmer and Mike Flanagan don't even come close in terms of baseball knowledge or entertainment value.

Richard Crozier

Glen Burnie

Don't forget Bias the player

I commend your staff on remembering the 10th anniversary of Len Bias' death. However, I am disappointed that the article had such a negative theme. I feel Bias should be remembered for his play, not the negative circumstances that surrounded his death. When I reflect on Len Bias, I think 35 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocked shots against the nation's No. 1 team.

I have been a college basketball fan for 15 years, and Bias is the best I have ever seen. His name should be mentioned with all the greats to ever play the game. June 19 will always be a day of honoring one of the best, not a kid who made a mistake. The number 34 hangs in my house, and not a day passes without me thinking, "What if?"

Chris L. Schuerholz


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Pub Date: 7/07/96

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