July 07, 1996

Days until opening ceremonies: 12.

Housing update: The Olympic Village at Georgia Tech was launched with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, but most of the world's budget-conscious athletic federations chose to wait a few more days before they send their athletes to Atlanta.

Housing update II: Coach Mary Lee Tracy on the moves that the family has made on behalf of U.S. gymnast Jaycie Phelps: "Yes, it's a sacrifice, but it's not been a sacrifice because it's been fun. If they sacrificed one thing, it's a house, and that's a material thing. They can always get another house."

Waterproof: The U.S. water polo team has moved to its new training headquarters at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Los Alamitos, Calif. For a week before the July 20 opener against Italy, the team will undergo "isolation training" in Alabama. An unnamed staffer for U.S. Water Polo says that means the players "can take their backgammon boards, but no cell phones and no computers."

No hotfoots: Cosmas Ndeti, three-time Boston Marathon winner, was selected to run for Kenya but declined because of the heat and humidity.

Fenced out: Elaine Cheris, 50, is on the U.S. fencing team but still is bitter over President Jimmy Carter's boycott of the Moscow Games in 1980. "To me it was the worst single event next to having someone close to you die," she said. "It was beyond my belief that it could happen. It shook my very foundation."

Pub Date: 7/07/96

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