25 years ago A pipe bomb thrown from a passing car blew a...


July 07, 1996|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County's library.

25 years ago A pipe bomb thrown from a passing car blew a three-foot hole in a Snydersburg state trooper's backyard on May 26, State Police confirmed late last week. According to a spokesman for the Westminster barracks, the bomb exploded harmlessly 50 feet from Trooper Hugh K. McCormick's house at 10: 20 p.m. on May 26. Spokesmen said the bombing was a "warped retaliation" for something the 31-year-old trooper might have done during his three years as a policeman. -- Carroll Record, June 7, 1972.

75 years ago The gypsy tour to Harrisburg last Sunday proved a very interesting one. Some detours caused a little inconvenience, especially through creeks when two of the tourists stopped in the middle of the stream, probably to get their pictures taken as the camera man was on the job and hopes it will be a good one. Getting wet did not dampen the enthusiasm of the tourists for they wended their way over some bad roads and arrived at Harrisburg in time to do justice to a good chicken dinner. -- Union Bridge Pilot, June 24, 1921.

100 years ago R. R. Johnson, of Philadelphia, the successor of G. Brook Yantis, as proprietor of the Hotel Albion, this city, took charge of that well-known hostelry on the first inst. Mr. Johnson ,, has had large experience as a hotel man and is not only expected to maintain the high reputation achieved by the Albion under its previous proprietor, but to make the house one of the most attractive to be found. It is to Mr. Yantis' credit that on more than one occasion, when large crowds were in the town and drunkenness and disorderly conduct were prevalent, he closed his bar and refused to sell liquor. Meals were always on time too, and service prompt and satisfactory, and it may fairly be said of Mr. Y. that he "knows how to keep a hotel." -- American Sentinel, June 5, 1896.

Pub Date: 7/07/96

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