A toast to inventionIrwin Sternberg has been named...


July 07, 1996|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Sun Fashion Editor

A toast to invention

Irwin Sternberg has been named Entrepreneur of the Year in awards sponsored by Ernst & Young, the international accounting firm. He's the Baltimore guy who gave us neckwear patterns based on Jerry Garcia's designs and microscope photos of the molecular structure of everything from moon rocks to dry martinis

The award recognizes innovators, and Sternberg's Stonehenge, Ltd., has put a spin on neckwear design that gets attention and gives something back. A portion of the proceeds from the Cocktail Collection is donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The ties are tagged "The Only Way to Tie One On." To date, more than $500,000 has been given to MADD.

"I've been proud of my staff, who have developed a product that amuses and educates the consumer," says Sternberg. Success hasn't gone to his head. He and his wife Mena, twin sons and a daughter still call Pikesville home. Your family pet can become a star or just look like one. Pooches, after all, have great fashion cachet as accessories. Supermodels carry teacup-size Yorkies from photo shoot to club. Bill Blass has his portrait pugs. Your best friend can be got up in hair bows and creative collars -- black leather or rhinestones are classics.

The "All American" pet photo contest offers cash prizes, cameras and photo processing. Entry forms, available at area CPI Photo shops, include lots of hints form prize-winning animal photographer Walter Chandoa. Get down to their level, try for eye contact, bribe them, get close, work with an assistant. Those hints will also work with models and children. Deadline for entries is Aug. 31. The soft and faded colors of madras plaid are perennial summer favorites. A new take on plaid for toting and stashing comes from designers Mark Seamon and Mike Gonzalez in a line of carriers in Mexican-style woven plastic mesh. They're light and airy and can be had in a knapsack, clutch or zippered kit. The kit carryall here is $19.50 at Something Else in Mount Washington. Summer's hottest shoe style is cool on the foot and as easy as a slipper. Called the slide, or the mule, it is a style as old as footwear. This season's version sits chunky and low to the ground. It may be more delicate for dress occasions or made of strong and sturdy leathers or canvas for clumping about. Dressier versions may be crafted in silk or gilt. Shown here is one of a selection of city casuals from Hess Shoes. The summer crop top is bountiful in stores that cater to juniors. It's a cute, young look that wears marvelously on models and teens, who pair it with short shorts, long skirts, leggings and jeans and use it as an alternative to bikini tops. Less adventurous sisters wear it over snug-fitting baby T-shirts. The op-dotted version here is by Necessary Objects, $22, at Nordstrom.

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