On the prowl: Many corporate executives are looking for...

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July 07, 1996

On the prowl: Many corporate executives are looking for new positions because they're dissatisfied with their jobs, finds a survey by executive recruiter Paul Ray Berndtson and Cornell University. The survey of nearly 1,900 executives found nearly 30 percent plan to leave their jobs as soon as they find something else. Many survey respondents cited job insecurity or heavy workloads.

Getting credit: It's hard enough for entrepreneurs and small-business owners to get credit, and really tough if they've got a bad credit rating. July's Home Office Computing magazine offers these tips: Restructure your debt, borrowing from a pension plan if possible. Get errors and outdated information removed from your credit report. Rebuild your credit rating by including good bill-paying records with your credit report and taking out a secured loan that's co-signed by a family member.

Pub Date: 7/07/96

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