Hammond High's standout graduates saluted


July 05, 1996|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

POLITICALLY incorrect sign of the week, found on a liquor store: "Celebrate the Fourth with a fifth!"

Other than that, it's been a slow week here. The end of June was a strange time -- schools were closed, but it was still too early to go on vacation. We get odd storms, with too much rain and plenty of thunder. All in all, an off-putting time. Glad it's over and July finally here!

In honor of the summer's arrival, let us recognize the recent graduates who soon will scatter across the landscape to colleges, the armed forces and new jobs.

This year, Hammond High has harvested an excellent crop of scholars -- about one-third of the class belongs to the National Honor Society. Now that's a achievement to be proud of!

Of course, there are always those triple-decker scholars who do everything right. Hammond has a crop of those, too.

Please join in the salute to those who finished in the top 5 percent of the class, are members of the National Honor Society and have received a Certificate of Merit.

These scholars are: Ralph King Bodenner IV, Erika Christine DeLoache, Thomas Christopher Dispenza, Alison Lee Kennerly, Michelle Jennifer Liss, Maria Elena Mercurio, Jeremy Harris Nieporent, Anna Catherine Pfeifer, Kimberly Anne Stetson, Andrew Craig Stockham Jr. and Patricia Lynn Watson.

Stay tuned to this column for more information on the other scholars Hammond produced this year.

Hammond volunteers

Here it is, the last installment of the interminable list of dedicated parent volunteers in the Hammond High Boosters.

My typing fingers get sore just thinking about how many there are!

So here's to Jan Pollock, Bob Pollock, Aileen Reichert and Brenda Robinson.

Here's a tip of the hat and grateful acknowledgment of the efforts of Gail Schruefer, Katie Schoon, Patty Schoon and Linda Shelton.

Here's to Lainey Silverman, Jill Thomas, Tom Traber, Vicki Traber, Carol Tucci and Rich Tucci. Thanks for all you did.

And, finally, thanks to Sue Tyng, Maria Waters, Ed Webster, Jeanette Wiebking and Karen Yezek.

You have all helped the students tremendously, just by being there. I look forward to having sore fingers again next year, when the next list comes out!

PTSA officers

I finally got the list of the officers for the PTSA executive committee at Hammond High. Please note that the following parents have agreed to give up precious leisure time to plan and implement activities that enrich the curriculum.

Irene Voneiff is again president; Brenda Katz is first vice president; Amy Goodman is second vice president; Claire Hafets is the recording secretary; Jenny Stanley is the corresponding secretary; and Bob Burnett is the treasurer). Calvin Blinder is the delegate to the county PTA council.

Thank you all for giving up your weekday nights and the occasional weekend for our children!

New venture

Recent Laurel resident Mary Lewis initially found a job in the area as a training manager. Alas, after a while the company reorganized and she was "downsized." She lost her job.

What do you do when this is the third time in your life that you've been downsized? You start your own company. Using her knowledge of retail stores, she opened a consignment shop, Newly Mine, in Savage Mill last week.

It's a clever concept made more so by the unique touches she's brought to this endeavor. There's a play table and videos for children to enjoy while Mom shops. Lewis has put in real dressing rooms. The clothing is separated by size!

It's a clever response to adversity. And she looks like she's having fun -- the photographs of her and her helpers fixing up the space are a blast. There's the Pavarotti look-alike and a tall skinny dude busily making benches -- those are her sons Christopher and Scott Mooney.

Christopher is an opera singer just graduated from Julliard. Scott is at University of Maryland College Park. The picture of family friend Chuck Husman shows him covered in lilac paint, busily decorating the picket fence that separates the children's and adults' portions of the store.

I'm sure her store will be a great addition to the Mill and to Savage.

Pub Date: 7/05/96

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