Yes, that's a Clary's Forest trio doing a Nickelodeon TV promo


July 03, 1996|By Liz Lean | Liz Lean,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

IF YOU BLINK twice, you'll miss them. But that really is three members of the Kassoy family of Clary's Forest in a television promotional spot for Nickelodeon Studios.

Mom Tam Kassoy and children Michael, 10, and Lauren, 7, vacationed in February in Orlando, Fla. The Nickelodeon Studios, where several programs are taped for the child-oriented television network, was one of many tourist attractions the family visited.

A producer approached the Kassoys, who agreed readily to wave for the cameras in front of the studios' "Gak" fountain, which flows bright green, then jump into the fountain and splash each other.

The result is a few brief, green seconds in the frantically paced promo that began showing last month. Naturally, the family has recorded the commercial and "we're wearing out the 'freeze' button" on the remote control, Tam Kassoy said.

And where were Dad Lee and son Zachary during all this !B cavorting in gak? They were halfway across the state attending a New York Mets baseball fantasy camp, where 21-year-old Zachary hit for the cycle, said his proud stepmother, Tam.

Columbian moves to Spain

Town Center's loss is Madrid's gain, now that Julie Packard has settled in Spain. The Columbia native had taken a year's sabbatical from the University of Delaware and landed a temporary job teaching English to Spanish business people. She returned to Delaware to complete her degree, then left the United States last month to resume teaching and take up permanent residence in Spain.

Packard, 24, has led a globe-trotting life. She traveled to Cergy-Pontoise, Columbia's French sister city, at the age of 15, spent a summer in Singapore and Indonesia, and has toured Europe extensively.

She graduated from Longfellow Elementary, Harper's Choice Middle School, and Centennial High School.

Her mom, Andi, will miss her but looks forward to much trans-Atlantic visiting.

Honored graduates

The faculty of Wilde Lake High School honored dozens of 1996 graduates who excelled in academics, athletics, leadership and the arts.

Winners of awards included Robin Close in technology education and physical education, Jason Cohen in physical education, Amelia DeRudder in art, Katherine Douglas in art, music and English, Charles Downs in music and mathematics, Michelle Dvoskin in drama and English, Karyn Entrop in science and Alisa Evans in the gifted and talented program.

Also honored were Nathan Fleming in foreign language, Catherine Garcia in dance, Christina Hooker in dance, Melissa Kelly in social studies, John Kim in business, Sabrina Koepke in dance, Beth Krieger in the gifted and talented program, Yukari Kuno in mathematics, David Leung in art, Adam Linker in resource education and Keisha Lipscomb in mathematics.

Awards went also to Mauhew McDaniel in music, Eric McDuffie in physical education, Eva Montano-Fields in foreign language, Jennifer Palmer in drama, Ralph Paredes in English, Bethanie Parrish in media and music, Jamequa Redmond in music, Lekie Sanders in foreign language, Katherine Sawyer in social studies and foreign language, Sadaf Siddiqui in media and social studies, Stephen Tan in social studies, Matthew Van Echo in technology education, Andrew Wardlaw in foreign language and Laura Wolkowitz in computer science.

Wilde Lake's graduation was May 28.

Feeding Friends

From bagels to bouillabaisse, I love to eat. I take for granted that meals will be enjoyable, whether I'm sitting down to a holiday feast with 30 relatives or spooning out yogurt solo while reading a novel.

Howard County General Hospital would like to make meals more enjoyable for patients who have trouble eating independently or who could just use a friend at mealtime. The hospital is recruiting 50 volunteers for Feeding Friends, a new program to help patients get the nutrition and companionship they need.

A training session will be held from 1 p.m. to 2: 30 p.m. July 29. For an application, call volunteer manager Drew Shiflett at 740-7980. For more information, call 740-7867.

Pub Date: 7/03/96

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