Bring back Ripken Sr.In recent days, there have been...


June 30, 1996

Bring back Ripken Sr.

In recent days, there have been several articles about what's wrong with the Orioles. I would like to suggest that there is one person who epitomizes traditional Orioles spirit with sound, basic fundamentals -- Cal Ripken Sr.

Signing Cal Sr. for the remainder of the year as a bench coach Ripken Sr. could accomplish several purposes. He is an acknowledged sound baseball person who would goad and stimulate and assist some of the high-priced talent without resultant rancor. He certainly could help the development of younger players and help evaluate prospects. He could take a little of the pressure off Davey Johnson in this year of so-far unfulfilled expectations. Johnson's record shows that he is one of the finest managers in baseball, but this has been a difficult year with so many high-priced players to mold into a team.

I believe Pat Gillick and Davey Johnson have the self-confidence to consider such a move as an asset rather than an undermining factor.

Frederick J. Hatem, M.D.

Havre de Grace

Schott ban embarrassing

I think the "banning" of Marge Schott from her day-to-day control of the Cincinnati Reds is more of an embarrassment to baseball than she is.

A group of baseball executives (that hasn't appealed to the public much as of late) has no business judging the opinions of one of its members. If they're so interested in being politically correct, why don't they do something about drive-by shootings or gay bashings? After all, is Schott, always under the watchful eye of the media, a real threat to humankind?

I hope the people she's offended are smart enough and have enough pride to realize that derogatory remarks are just plain stupid. I'm not saying forgive and forget or turn the other cheek, but focus the retaliation on more immediate threats.

I don't agree with some of the comments Schott has made, but I don't think they reflect on her ability to run a baseball team.

Joe Valeri Baltimore Farm out Palmer, Flanagan

I am a retired person who watches a lot of sports shows. In my opinion, Jim Palmer and Mike Flanagan were great players on great Orioles teams, but HTS has them working as color men, and their performance is far from major-league quality. I recommend that both Baltimore legends be sent back to Triple-A.

I do not know exactly what happened to John Lowenstein, but I Flanagan strongly recommend that he be recalled. His knowledge of baseball and awesome sense of humor make for award-winning quality. He even had that hearty laugh that I enjoyed very much. He definitely would recapture the quality that HTS once had, because as far as I'm concerned the present commentators are boring and strictly Dullsville.

Emmet J. O'Brien


Camden Yards etiquette

Please enlighten me on a bit of Camden Yards protocol. Am I authorized to stand during the seventh-inning stretch, even if the message "The Seventh Inning Stretch is Presented by the Cadillac Dealers of Baltimore" is not flashed on the scoreboard? Knowing full well how the mix of the ballpark crowd has changed from the Memorial Stadium days -- you know, yuppies galore and pate-eating sky-boxers -- I do not want to commit a social gaffe. What would Wild Bill think of me then?

Joe Hergan

Linthicum Heights

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Pub Date: 6/30/96

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