Coffee couple keeps on perking

In Brief

June 30, 1996

The Taster's Choice couple is at it again. Their TV-commercial love affair began brewing in 1990, when an intriguing woman visited her neighbor, Michael, after she ran out of coffee. .

The 12th episode left viewers wondering what would happen after the woman's ex-husband unexpectedly stopped by as she was getting ready for an evening out with Michael. Viewers were left hanging as Michael was about to enter the woman's apartment.

Episode 13 brings viewers back to that tense moment. Will Michael meet the ex-husband face to face for the first time? Will the ex-husband be sorry he dropped by without notice? Will the woman admit she is sipping Taster's Choice with her ex-husband? After all, it was Michael who introduced her to the coffee in the first place.

Previous episodes included a misleading brother, a first kiss in Paris and an unexpected visit by the woman's son, Jeremy.

Pub Date: 6/30/96

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