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June 30, 1996

Glen Burnie light rail stop must be unique

Central Glen Burnie is the crossroads for northern Anne Arundel County. Therefore, a light rail station would not only be a community focal point and landmark, but also serve the transportation needs of people moving about town during the area's ongoing recreational-business-residential renaissance.

The Glen Burnie station is essential for the survival and success of the Town Center movie theaters, the Anne Arundel Community College's Glen Burnie Campus, the Anne Arundel Historical Society at Kuethe Library, the District Court, restaurants, concerts and law offices. The architecture of the station itself must be distinct from the other stations on the light rail line in order to showcase the uniqueness of the Glen Burnie attractions and to demonstrate that our community spirit is alive and well.

Jeffrey Wilcox

Kimberly Wilcox

Glen Burnie

Expensive route to birth control

With all the uproar over balancing the budget, not to mention eliminating the national deficit, I am interested to learn that the state Medicaid program pays for reversing sterilization procedures and has done so since 1979.

The state is now considering terminating such payments and listen to the protests. How many HMOs and other health insurances do you think pay for this reversal procedure? I know mine doesn't. Sterilization is supposed to be a permanent process.

Planned Parenthood is protesting because they say many will not have it done to begin with if it cannot be reversed later. And Robert C. Baldwin, R-Crownsville, says he does not think the procedure should be paid for to begin with as, "People really are created for the purpose of procreation."

Is Planned Parenthood saying the state should pay for the initial procedure, then pay for the reversal at a later date?

In my day, we called this birth control, and there are quite a few less expensive methods than these surgical procedures footed by the taxpayers.

Patricia Fish


Where was The Sun in Schaefer's day?

Maryland state employees have been getting the short end of the stick for some time now, without any voice in the matter and with fewer and fewer rights. It is about time we had a chance to stand together and speak as one, with democratic elections and a state government to bargain with us.

For all the hue and cry about this being done by executive order, where was The Sun when Gov. William Donald Schaefer "bypassed" the legislature with an executive order increasing the hours of our work week but not our weekly pay, in effect, a unilaterally imposed pay cut? Where was The Sun's great concern about the rights of the legislature, let alone of state employees?

And, in fact, we've never seen any consideration by The Sun for the rights of state employees or any other group of workers. All we want is what everybody else who works in the private sector has, and many, if not most, people who work in the public sector -- the right to an election to see if we want a union and the right to bargain with our employer.

Quit using this perfectly legitimate executive order as an excuse to agitate against the rights of state employees.

Marie Thomas


Justice long overdue in Hunt murder case

It is sad, indeed, to see the mother of the slain officer, Vincent Adolfo, and the mother of the confessed murderer, Flint Hunt, in the media in much distress. If justice had been carried out 11 years ago, this distressful picture would not be making the news now.

Hunt killed the officer in cold blood. Hunt is still living. His mother sees him when she desires to. His family may see him any time.

Officer Adolfo's mother has not had the privilege to see her son. His wife's family has not had him in their arms. The crime was the taking of a life. Now, insult is being added to injury by letting Hunt live.

Marge Griffith


Thanks from the Learning Center

The staff of the Learning Center would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the concerned citizens of Anne Arundel County who contributed cash register receipts to our school. Due to your thoughtfulness and consideration, we were able to acquire new computer hardware, software, language arts equipment, social studies instructional materials and physical education equipment. Without this community effort, we would not have been able to achieve the success that we did.

Once again, thanks to all those people who contributed their time and efforts in our computer drive.

James Lyons


The writer is principal of the Anne Arundel County Learning Center.

Ways to deal with 'outsourcing'

First, we saw a wave of downsizing. Now we see "outsourcing."

Outsourcing not as a company alternative, but as a way of doing business. Core business is in-house, all else is outsourced.

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