Demise Reflects Changing Times

June 30, 1996

Sun Magazine comes to an end today, bowing out after a 50-year-run like a diva whose voice has cracked at last in a role we loved.

"Newspaper magazines are closing all across the country," says John Carroll, editor of The Sun. "Their time has come and gone."

One of the first in the nation, Sun Magazine closes as one of the 10 oldest.

The pictorial and journalistic advantages that magazines once had have evaporated, Carroll says. Color printing is available throughout the paper now for both photographs and advertising. And the very rigid definitions of news that kept magazine-style articles out of the news columns have relaxed.

"Features sections that a generation or so ago were considered 'women's' sections are now in effect daily magazines," Carroll says.

The Sun hopes to ease the transition for Sunday readers with a greatly expanded Today section, where favorite features and columnists from the magazine will appear beginning next week.

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