Old campaign flag bears names of 1876 candidates Election: Presidential nominee Rutherford B. Hayes and his running mate, William Wheeler, advertised themselves in embroidery on one of the stripes.

June 30, 1996|By Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel | Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel,KING FEATURES SYNDICATE

I have an old flag that measures 16 1/2 inches by 20 1/2 inches. It has red and white stripes and a blue square with stars. The stars circle one big star and go around the edge of the square. The names Hayes and Wheeler are embroidered on one of the stripes. Do you know about this?

You own a rare political campaign flag for presidential candidate Rutherford B. Hayes and his running mate, William Wheeler. The pair ran successfully in 1876.

My uncle has a bentwood-style chair made of branches and twigs. It looks homemade. Is something like this valuable?

It sounds as though the chair is an example of rustic furniture, which is becoming popular with collectors.

Furniture made of twigs and branches was popular in the mid-1800s. Much of it was made for use in hunting lodges and vacation resorts.

Unless it is signed, it's impossible to know who made it.

I have a stoneware jug marked "E. & L.P. Norton." It has a blue flower painted on the front. Do you have any idea of the age?

E. & L.P. Norton worked in Bennington, Vt., between 1883 and 1894. Decorated stoneware jugs from that factory sell for $500 or more, depending on the details of the decoration.

I have an old fencing mask that probably was used around 1940. Value?

The style of fencing masks has changed, so your collectible has no value to today's fencers. However, the masks make interesting wall hangings. They sell at collector shows for $25 to $30.

I bought several plastic and gold metal pins shaped like flowers. They are marked "Givenchy." When were they made?

Plastic jewelry by Givenchy dates from the late 1950s. The firm is still working.

Pub Date: 6/30/96

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