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June 27, 1996|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,SUN FASHION EDITOR

It's in the nature of a plastic surgeon to understand that appearance counts. Dr. Oscar Ramirez, who is director of the Plastic & Aesthetic Surgical Center of Maryland in Lutherville, knows that clothes and accessories, too, can cheer, enhance and camouflage.

He has an international perspective in his work and his life. A native of Peru, he has a busy travel schedule that takes him all over the United States, Europe and Latin America to lecture, teach and demonstrate new techniques as a visiting professor at various universities. While abroad he finds time for cultural events and browsing.

To work out, he plays midfield for a team in a Maryland soccer league, a position with a premium on running.

As a physician who deals with the cosmetic aspects of surgery, do you feel you have to make an extra effort in the way you dress and present yourself to your patients?

I like to dress well, certainly, but that means a suit and nothing too bright and loud. And I often see patients in a lab coat over a shirt.

What about your fun clothes?

I think the traditional green and blue surgical scrub caps and suits may intimidate patients, so I have designed my own. I have caps in patterns and colors and more carefully cut suits. The prints may have soccer balls, fish, undersea animals.

Besides soccer, my favorite pastime is scuba diving.

These don't come from your typical hospital-supply house?

No, I have them custom-made by a seamstress in quantities that can be rotated through the laundry facilities.

Where do you shop?

Everywhere I travel.

I like Armani and find outlets in Atlanta, Beverly Hills and New York.

I'm often in Montreal, which has some fine men's stores. It's interesting, but New York's British-American House carries a good selection of Italian clothes. I particularly like Zegna shirts.

Italians know what they're doing with clothes.

Do you shop in Baltimore?

Very little, because the little free time I have to do so is when I travel.

Your best outfits?

I lean to grays and blues. Nothing too colorful -- and classic European styling. In more casual wear, I still prefer an Italian look, but for the beach or sport, American-looks like Nautica are the best.

Do you favor particular accessories?

I'm always scrubbing, so I wear virtually no jewelry other than a ruby ring which came to me from my mother. With shoes, comfort is everything, so I work in imported wooden clogs. They provide support and warmth and can be sterilized.

Would you ever wear your clogs outside the surgery?

No. For the outside I like Ferragamo.

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