Humble alleys are neighborhood assets

June 25, 1996|By Fred Cascio

YOUR JUNE 12 editorial, "The unglamorous alley," missed on one point and misled on another.

You missed the point that the alley in many neighborhoods is the meeting place for homeowners and the playground for their children. The lack of alleys in most developments has diminished the sense of community so vital in today's society. Alleys are the equivalent of communal back yards. Developers would be wise to include them in any subdivision.

The misleading statement advised Baltimore County voters to approve the bond question titled ''Public Works'' in November, for funding to improve the alleys. As the residents in Catonsville are now well aware, approval of bond funds does not guarantee approved funds will be used for purposes stated on referendum such as the renovation of the old Catonsville Middle School on Bloomsbury Avenue.

Bond referendums apparently turn out to be a slush fund for use as desired by our officials after voter approval for more specific projects as stated on the ballot.

This practice must be stopped.

Fred Cascio


Pub Date: 6/25/96

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