Gerard David Schine,68, an aide to U.S. Sen. Joseph...

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June 21, 1996

Gerard David Schine,68, an aide to U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the senator's hunt for Communists in the 1950s, was killed Wednesday with his wife and son when their small plane crashed on a highway after takeoff from Burbank, Calif.

Mr. Schine was 26, Harvard-educated and heir to a hotel fortune when he began working for Mr. McCarthy in 1953. He and the senator's aide, Roy Cohn, went hunting for subversives in the U.S. Information Agency in Europe.

Mr. Schine was drafted into the Army that winter. When Mr. Cohn failed to get sufficient special privileges for him, Mr. Cohn allegedly threatened to "wreck the Army" with an investigation. The controversy led to the Army-McCarthy hearings of 1954 and the senator's downfall.

Mr. Schine later became an entertainment company executive. He was the executive producer of the 1971 movie "The French Connection."

Miriam Gideon,89, a prolific composer of vocal, chamber and orchestral music, died Tuesday in New York. Her vocal works included an opera, "Fortunato," a set of Shakespeare settings for voice and orchestra, and several song cycles on natural and philosophical themes.

Ruben Sandoval,55, an attorney who led hundreds of supporters on protest marches for Hispanic rights, was found dead in his apartment in San Antonio on Wednesday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Born in the poorest barrio of El Paso, Texas, he worked his way through St. Mary's University School of Law and became one of the best-known civil rights lawyers in the state.

Pub Date: 6/21/96

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