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June 21, 1996|By Julius Westheimer

ON THE longest day of the year, we present some short items about your money:

"Women worry more than men about money. Fifty-five percent said paying an unexpected $1,000 bill posed a big problem vs. 33 percent of men." (Money, June.)

"Even if your 401(k) is 'capped,' fund an IRA. May not be tax-deductible but earnings grow tax-deferred." (Business Week, June 24.)

"To save money, take a 'random' day trip with the kids. The only cost: Gas and the price of a quick lunch wherever you end up." (Family Circle, June 4.)

"When negotiating, be ready to walk. You have the power to go elsewhere. Before you hit the sidewalk, they'll probably make a better offer." (Parenting, June-July.)

BALTIMORE BEAT: Baltimore-based Adams Express is under "Closed-End Funds With Experience" in Forbes, July 1. Rated "A" in down markets, the fund shows a 14 percent annualized return since 1979.

"Best borrowing deals in Baltimore: Fixed rate 30-year loan: Baltimore County Savings (256-5000.) One-year adjustable: Heritage Savings (583-8700.) Car loan: Fairfax Savings (265-7900.)" (Money, June.)

MACS & MEXICO: "McDonald's added a new restaurant every 13 hours over past 10 years, now plans to open a new one every six hours."

"A $2,250 investment in McDonald's stock in 1965 is now worth over $1 million." (Both items are from a McDonald's Fact Sheet.)

"After hitting bottom, the Mexican economy is enjoying an export-driven recovery, peso stabilized, stock market up 16 percent this year." (Kiplinger's Magazine, July.)

WHERE WE STAND: Baltimore ranks fourth from the bottom of a 50-city list: "Projections for One-Year Gain in Median Home Price Appreciation."

Our gain projection: 2.32 percent. The top city is Portland, Ore., 5.6. The worst: Washington, D.C., 0.52. The median is 3.03. The median Baltimore home price $112,300. (Data from Regional Financial Associates.)

IN YOUR INTEREST: "The ability of banks to earn interest on your electronic money doesn't mean much now, but when cash goes truly digital, it may mean everything." (New York Times Magazine, June 16.)

"Going to the movies with kids? Save money by seeing first show of the day or have your own film festival -- rent several videos." ("Pennywhistle Traveling With Kids," by Annie Gilbar.)

CANINE CORNER: "Over a long weekend, I could teach my dog to be an investment banker." (Herbert Allen, pres., Allen & Co., the only advisory firm used by Warren Buffett, in an excellent story in Forbes, July 1.)

TWO TURNAROUNDS: "In 1995, the S&P 500 gained 36 percent, beating 85 percent of mutual funds. This year so far, stock funds are whipping S&P 500." (Kiplinger's Magazine, June.)

"This stock-buying frenzy resembles 1987. Signs of speculative excesses abound. Overheating will lead to a surprising correction to cause severe distress." (Bank Credit Analyst.)

STEEL & SOAP: "Only contrarians love Bethlehem Steel, but U.S. is consuming more steel, price hikes are sticking, and on a price-to-sales basis, stock is dirt cheap." (John Maack, Crabbe Huson Fund.)

Procter & Gamble stock, widely held here, appears under "Investments for a Nervous Market," in Smart Money, July. ("This is a brand titan: Ivory, Tide, Crest, Pampers, Bounty, etc.")

JUNE JOURNAL: The latest Kiplinger's Letter, June 14, feels that there's only a "slight chance" of a General Motors strike in August.

"He who hesitates is 'bossed.' Technology has made it easier to become -- or miss becoming -- an entrepreneur." (INC Technology, June.)

"More than ever, the safety of your 401(k) is in your hands, but a recent court case may shift the onus to employers." (Worth, July-Aug.). We'll keep you posted.

"If you're employed by a company but plan to work from home, find out -- before there's a problem -- who pays the insurance in event of business-related losses." (Parenting, June-July.)

Pub Date: 6/21/96

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