Town gives up fight over 200-foot tower

June 20, 1996

Sykesville has ended its fight to block a telecommunications tower that was built on Hollenberry Road last winter.

After learning that the town lost its appeal to the Court of Special Appeals -- the state's second-highest court -- Mayor Jonathan S. Herman said last week that fighting any further would be like tilting at windmills.

"At least, the court heard what we were saying," said Councilman Michael Burgoyne. "The issues we wanted raised were finally heard and discussed. The court just didn't agree with us."

West Shore Communications completed the 200-foot tower in December for Cellular One.

The project had generated strenuous opposition from neighbors of the site on Hollenberry Road and the town. Kathy Blanco-Losada, a neighbor of the tower site, had joined the town in the suit.

"The tower stands not as a sign of defeat, but rather as a constant reminder that communities must work together to find leaders who will lead with integrity, responsibility and accountability," Blanco-Losada wrote in a letter thanking the town for its support. "The town of Sykesville is indeed fortunate to have chosen leaders who have those qualities."

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