Suggestions for O'sWould everyone please relax? The...


June 16, 1996

Suggestions for O's

Would everyone please relax? The Orioles are in great shape. The pitching has been poor, Bobby Bonilla and Chris Hoiles have been virtually nonexistent, and yet they are battling for first place. In the meantime, here are a few thoughts to ponder.

First, the Orioles need to acquire either Kevin Appier, Ben McDonald or Juan Guzman soon. Bonilla The longer they wait, the higher the price will be. Unload Manny Alexander and Rick Krivda.

Second, stop dwelling on the ineffectiveness of Bonilla. He'll get his act together, and the same people leading the boos today will be seen later parading around in a jersey with No. 26 on the back.

Third, let the Cal Ripken issue die. If he moves to third base, both the fans and Davey Johnson will further appreciate what is lost by not having Ripken at shortstop.

Fourth, bring back Tony Tarasco. What left-handed bats are coming off the bench? And cut or deal Jeff Huson.

Gregory Savage

Thurmont I survived and even enjoyed the Orioles' June 6 victory over the Detroit Tigers. I must have a high tolerance for leisure. But game speed doesn't provoke me to write. Stupid game noise does.

When a Tigers reliever entered the game, the sound system was given over to that guy from the monster truck rallies and the wrestling shows. He bellows, "Let's get ready to ruuummble," and the disco thumps kick in before the echo of his annoying voice has died away.

Programmed stadium noise is starting to overwhelm the games. It's too loud, it doesn't let up, and it's utterly unconnected with proceedings on the field -- that place where the eyes may wander if the JumboTron ever gets boring.

Eileen O'Brien


Don't squawk about PSLs

Arguing over permanent seat licenses and ticket prices is the last thing I thought people from Baltimore would do. I figured that with the Ravens, the media would be so happy to have an NFL team that they wouldn't be concerned about PSLs.

Now, almost every article I read about the Ravens mentions PSLs in some negative way. Ticket prices are certainly higher than in the days of the Baltimore Colts, but my fiance and I are saving money to split two tickets with a couple of friends, allowing me to attend half of the Ravens' games.

Try to remember the joy people felt when Baltimore realized it was getting a football team again.

Shana Leapman


PSLs are matter of choice

Reading The Sun and listening to the radio, I'm observing the local media beating up on the Ravens and the team's PSL program. I don't understand where these people are coming from.

The way I look at it, the PSL issue comes down to a matter of choice. No one is forcing me to buy a PSL. And I still can attend Ravens games once in a while without one. So stop stomping on the Ravens. Without them, the sports media in this area will have

a lot less to write and talk about.

Kyle Welch


Stadium smells of pork

D. Modell David Modell put it most succinctly in his response to criticism of the initial stadium plans: You certainly cannot dress up a pig. Nor can any quantity of seasoning, flavoring or spices disguise the odor of pork.

Tim Marshallsay

Glen Burnie

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