FAA issues new rules for children


Children will not be permitted to sit in booster seats, harnesses or safety vests aboard airplanes after Sept. 3. The Federal Aviation Administration issued its rule this month, to take effect in 90 days.

This action follows Civil Aeromedical Institute tests that found backless booster seats and harnesses did not offer children the protection in airplane seats that they offered in automobile seats.

Approved child safety seats with backs and sides that belt into an airplane seat continue to be acceptable despite inadequacies tests found with some forward-facing models. The FAA recommends that children under 20 pounds ride in rear-facing approved seats, that children 20 to 40 pounds ride in approved forward-facing models, and that children over 40 pounds ride in the regular adult safety belt.

Airline rules still permit children under 2 to ride in adults' laps.

Pub Date: 6/16/96

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