June 15, 1996

Days until opening ceremonies: 34.

Update: Despite having his invitation to run the 400 meters at the July 12 London grand prix meet revoked, world champion Michael Johnson said he expects to compete in the event. British athletics spokesman Tony Ward said Johnson had been denied permission to run the 400 meters because it would be "demoralizing" to British runners.

Torch: The world's most famous torchbearer will be honored Tuesday when the Olympic flame stops at the Statue of Liberty on its ferry trip across the Hudson River.

Footnote: "They were really nice shoes, but I'm not used to wearing high heels." -- Kim Batten, world-record holder for the 400-meter hurdles, said of her big-toe problems that stemmed from wearing high heels to an awards ceremony.

Pub Date: 6/15/96

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