Olympic countdown

June 13, 1996

Days until opening ceremonies: 36.

Update: The U.S. women's rowing team originally was supposed to train in San Diego, but the men's team was going there, as were the canoe and kayaking squads. So coach Hartmut Buschbacher decided on the St. Joseph River in Elkhart, Ind. "No one else is here," he said. "No one else is bugging us."

March to the medals: Nick Bravin beat U.S. Olympic teammate Cliff Bayer, 15-12, to win the Division I foil title in the U.S. fencing championships in Cincinnati.

Torch: The relay toured Kodak country in Rochester, N.Y. George Fisher, chief executive of the world's biggest photographic firm, was among the torchbearers. . . . A black man was added to the team that will carry the torch through Jesse Owens' hometown of Oakville, Ala., after a local activist threatened a protest.

Footnote: "What's important now as we face these last several weeks is to not let down on the job, not feel complacent about where we are." -- Billy Payne, president of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.

Pub Date: 6/13/96

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