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June 13, 1996|By Judy Reilly | Judy Reilly,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

SARA BLACK, a Union Bridge resident and hairdresser, has been making women feel good about their appearance for 40 years.

Ever since she heard a lecture on cosmetology in high school, Black has been working at the craft of cutting, coloring, combing and designing hairstyles.

Now, in recognition of her dedication to the profession, Black has been named to the American Cosmetology Association's Wall of Honor. She was given the prize at the annual Maryland State Cosmetology Convention in Hagerstown last weekend.

The Frederick Cosmetology Association, to which she belongs, nominated her for the award, which honors a cosmetologist who has demonstrated "unselfish efforts to promote the advancement of cosmetology through professional leadership and community involvement."

"I'm not quite sure why I have the award," she said, "though I try to be active in the community."

Black serves on the fellowship committee at Church of the Brethren in Union Bridge. "It's really the food committee," she said. "We're always preparing meals for some event."

She has been active on Union Bridge's Town Hall Funding Committee, which works to pay the debt for the new Town Hall without using tax dollars.

As a hairdresser and stylist, Black sees about 35 clients a week. She performs hairdressing on wheels -- taking her talents on the road for those who can't go to her because of health reasons.

"I guess I really enjoy the occupation," she said. "Working with my hands and helping people -- it's what I enjoy doing."

Black is married and has three grown children and five grandchildren.

Her shop, Sara's House of Coiffures, is on Main Street in Union Bridge.

Information: 775-7570.

Vacation Bible schools

If you know children who are snooping around for something interesting to do for a week, contact area churches for their vacation Bible school schedules.

Churches in Union Bridge are combining forces to present "A Friendship Adventure with Jesus" at Union Bridge Church of the Brethren from 8: 45 a.m. to 11: 30 a.m. June 24-28.

It will be a learning opportunity for children, youths and adults, said Diane Wood, a member of United Methodist Church of Union Bridge and one of the coordinators of the Bible school. St. James Lutheran Church also is a sponsor of the event.

The collaborative effort has become a tradition in Union Bridge. Last year, more than 50 children were enrolled in the preschool and kindergarten classes.

The Bible school project will center on "Camp Friendship," a place to share, sing, look, listen and learn together. Participants can count on stories, skits, music and crafts.

All are welcome. Free registration will be held until June 24, the first morning of Bible school. Information: 775-2717.

If you can't participate in a morning program, then head to Uniontown, where St. Paul's Lutheran Church and Uniontown United Methodist Church are collaborating to present a Bible school program from 6 p.m. to 8: 30 p.m. the week of June 24.

"It's really going to be a good vacation Bible school this year," said Liz Arthur, director of the program. "The kids will be exploring different parts of the world, from the oceans to the deserts of Egypt and the South American jungle."

Children will go on a sled race and explore glaciers at the South Pole, for example, and hands-on activities should keep youngsters involved throughout the week.

The Uniontown vacation Bible school is open to children ages 3 to 12. Registration is free; an offering will be accepted. Information: 875-9625.

Try this idea

After Liz Arthur and I discussed the Bible school, we brain-stormed about how to get all family members to participate in another hands-on activity: cleaning. Liz suggested posting all chores that need to be done in a prominent place, and then turning cleaning the house into a race. The first one to finish gets to choose something fun to do. I think I'll try this one next week.

Nature's enchantment

I just finished reading Thomas Moore's recently published "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life." He writes about the importance of nature in contributing to an enchanted, enriched existence.

Today, on the way to a friend's house in Union Bridge, a mile or so from my home, I spotted an oriole, a pair of groundhogs making their way to a stream, chipmunks scurrying across Hoff Road, a nest of sparrows, a small flock of swallows, and a field of wildflowers, including brilliant red poppies.

Yesterday, on the grounds of Carroll Lutheran Village, my son and I did a double-take as a fox trespassed on the lawns of the cottages. The birds nesting in the cracks of our home's wood siding are raising a second family there. This is enchantment.

Judy Reilly's Northwest Carroll neighborhood column appears each Thursday in the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

Pub Date: 6/13/96

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