Olympics Days until opening ceremonies: 37.

June 12, 1996

Tough task: Olympic 200-meter gold medalist Michael Marsh is battling a thyroid condition that causes cramps as he prepares for a showdown with world champion Michael Johnson in the U.S. Olympic trials, which begin in Atlanta on Friday.

Early to bed . . .: Last call for Olympic visitors will remain at 4 a.m. Mayor Bill Campbell vetoed an ordinance allowing 24-hours alcohol sales during the Games. The ordinance would have allowed bars and restaurants with liquor licenses to get special permits for round-the-clock sales beginning June 15 and running through Aug. 31, past the end of the Paralympic Games.

Political games: Arizona Sen. John McCain, intent on limiting Pentagon involvement in the Olympics, assailed organizers for "ripping off the American taxpayers." He says using soldiers to chauffeur athletes and to fetch water for irrigating field hockey turf is "demeaning and degrading."

Pub Date: 6/12/96

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