A search for justice in the checkout line


June 12, 1996|By Bonita Formwalt | Bonita Formwalt,Special to the Sun

"DID YOU HEAR about the 'Express Lane Hero?" my friend asked. "Is it true he started his search for justice here in this very supermarket?"

We were waiting patiently in line at Giant behind a woman who took the concept of coupons to a frightening level of importance.

"That's what I had heard," I said cautiously. One evening last week, a customer misinterpreted the meaning of the "15 items or less" sign over the express lane. Her efforts to disguise a week's worth of groceries by dividing them into sub-sets of 15 were quickly discovered by the patrons waiting in line behind her. The man directly behind her in line was more than peeved.

"Is that when he leapt onto the counter, grabbed her can of pork and beans and held it hostage with a Swiss Army knife can opener?" my friend interrupted.

Not exactly. Allegedly the man reached up and wrenched the sign from above the register and deposited it in the errantshopper's cart as a subtle reminder.

"That's when he began to quote Shakespeare, right?" she asked eagerly.

No, that's when the police were called. It seems the woman did not take the suggestion that she was in the wrong lane in the same spirit in which the message was intended.

"That's not how I heard the story," my friend she said doubtfully. "You didn't even mention his cape."

There was no cape. No mask. No Supermarketmobile waiting in the parking lot.

As we left the store a sign in the window caught my eye. "SUPERMARKETMAN -- HERE IN PERSON. SATURDAY."

BTC B6 It's official. We're an Urban Legend, Glen Burnie.

A running celebration

Runners can celebrate Father's Day and help raise money for cardiopulmonary research at North Arundel Hospital's annual "Father's Day and B&A Trail 10K" at 8 a.m. Sunday.

Co-sponsored by the Annapolis Striders, the race starts at North Arundel Hospital on Hospital Drive, picks up the B&A Trail to Harundale Mall and then finishes backat the hospital.

The race is open to all runners. Members of the Annapolis Striders are reminded this is the 4th leg of the club's championship series.

No baby joggers or wheelchairs will be allowed in the race.

Registration is $5 in advance or $8 on race day. Last year's efforts raised more than $1000 for the hospital's Oncology Unit.

An awards ceremony will follow the event with prizes going to the first five men and women overallas well as the the first three finishers per age category.

Participants are invited to a post-race party with refreshments.

For registration information call the Annapolis Striders Hotline, 268-1165.

Pub Date: 6/12/96

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