MCI, Intel pool efforts on Internet service Web, other offerings tailored for businesses


SAN FRANCISCO -- MCI Communications Corp. and Intel Corp. joined forces yesterday to develop a specialized Internet service for businesses, and to offer hardware and software designed to simplify setting up World Wide Web sites.

The service will allow a business to request more capacity for its Internet use, effectively giving its data priority as it goes across the network. MCI unveiled a similar plan Monday with its European partner, British Telecommunications PLC.

MCI's Internet-related ventures generate $100 million a year in revenue, which is expected to increase to $2 billion by 2000. By teaming with the world's largest maker of personal computer chips, MCI links itself with the company that provides key components for Internet access, design and support.

"MCI, for the first time in a long time, has beaten others to the punch," said analyst Tom Pincince of Forrester Research, a market researcher.

The new service would allow a business to conduct secure money transfers or file transfers with a guaranteed level of service. Currently, everyone who uses the Internet uses the same public network and can't get priority treatment that businesses require.

The new standards and services are being rolled out in a trial that will be expanded in the fourth quarter to include MCI customers. A commercial service is planned for next year.

MCI and Intel also introduced "networkMCI Webmaker," which will let businesses assemble their own Web sites. Computers included in the system will support electronic mail and access to the Internet.

The World Wide Web is a graphics-heavy segment of the Internet that is increasingly popular with businesses for distributing product information and handling online transactions. Webmaker is priced at less than $10,000, MCI said.

Webmaker includes an Intel Pentium Pro-based computer system loaded with all necessary software and hardware. MCI will provide Internet access and design and support services.

Pub Date: 6/12/96

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