Hits and misses

June 11, 1996|By BUSTER OLNEY

On the field: The Orioles have had a series of lackadaisical plays in the last few games, and had another last night. Tigers shortstop Chris Gomez hit a liner to left one out into the fifth inning, and he took a wide turn around first and thought about going for second. Seeing Jeffrey Hammonds' throw and realizing he had no shot, Gomez put on the brakes and slipped a bit getting back to first. Shortstop Cal Ripken turned to make a throw to the bag -- but Rafael Palmeiro didn't cover the base, standing where he was when the play began.

In the dugout: For the first time in six days, reliever Roger McDowell was considered at full strength, coming back from a sore arm. He pitched two-thirds of an inning.

In the clubhouse: Davey Johnson expressed frustration Sunday about the plight of the starting pitching, and pitching coach Pat Dobson echoed his sentiments yesterday. "You know you talk to the catcher and pitcher and prepare them as well as you can," Dobson said. "They've been really good in the bullpen work [in between starts], then it becomes a matter of executing and they haven't been executing."

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