Hits and misses

June 10, 1996|By Buster Olney

On the field: Home plate umpire Durwood Merrill achieved the impossible, getting yelled at by players from both teams as the top of the third inning ended. White Sox third baseman Robin Ventura turned on Merrill after grounding out, peeved by a strike call on the third pitch of his at-bat. Perhaps Merrill didn't hear Ventura, what with Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina barking at him; the Orioles right-hander was unhappy with a strike call Merrill didn't make with Frank Thomas at the plate, and he yelled at the ump as he walked off the field.

In the dugout: With Mussina knocked out in the fourth inning and Arthur Rhodes generally ineffective, Orioles manager Davey Johnson called on the newest member of his bullpen, Jimmy Haynes, in the sixth inning. Dumped from the rotation after his last start, Haynes threw effectively in the sixth, but allowed a two-run homer to Thomas with two outs in the seventh. Roger McDowell, coming back from a sore shoulder, hasn't pitched since June 4.

In the clubhouse: "That's something I'm not worried about," Roberto Alomar said of the end of his 22-game hitting streak. "This is not the end of my life -- I wasn't even really thinking about it. I'll just go out tomorrow and play another game."

Pub Date: 6/10/96

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