Dislikes what he seesI thought that I disliked the...


June 09, 1996

Dislikes what he sees

I thought that I disliked the [Ravens] name until I saw the colors and logo. Is it too late to send them back to Cleveland?

Mark S. Webner

Bel Air

DiMaggio's injury

Reading Brad Snyder's article about Joe DiMaggio's move to first base reminds me of a few things.

The real reason DiMaggio retired at age 36 after 16 years of playing center field for the Yankees was an injury.

During the World Series against the Giants in 1951, DiMaggio, in his effortless stride, was going for a fly ball when Mickey Mantle, playing his first season in right field, collided with him. It injured his leg badly enough that he left the game.

Evidently Mantle, at the tender age of 19, hadn't yet heard of the unwritten rule that if a center fielder could get the ball, it was his.

Richard N. Elliott


Get out the vote for O's

How can people who call themselves Orioles fans fail to vote for Rafael Palmeiro in the All-Star balloting at first base? He's not in the top eight players voted on for Palmeiro that position.

Eddie Murray, on the other hand, is among the top eight, but he's Cleveland's designated hitter for the most part.

We ought to push Baltimore players -- Palmeiro, Cal Ripken, Brady Anderson and Roberto Alomar -- as if they are the only players who can be chosen for this prestigious honor.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

PSLs not good for fans

Hats off to John Steadman for his courage for writing an article that expresses many Baltimore fans' concern in reference to the permanent seat licenses, or as Steadman adroitly pronounced: "Personal Seat Larceny." What sticks in my craw is the team's hierarchy is trying to convince fans in Baltimore that PSLs are a good thing. Good for whom? What in the wide world of sports is going on here? Maybe if enough people made enough noise about this injustice, it just might quietly go away. Stranger things have happened.

Milt Levitt


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Pub Date: 6/09/96

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