Crofton Civic Association may choose successor to Trebelhorn tomorrow No one has filed for District 2 seat


Members of the Crofton Civic Association board may select a representative to fill the District 2 seat tomorrow night at their first full-fledged meeting since the May 20 election.

Longtime board member Cathy Trebelhorn did not run for re-election, and after one candidate withdrew from the race, no other candidates filed for the seat in time for the election.

Although her term expired May 31, Trebelhorn is required by civic association bylaws to serve on the board until a new District 2 representative is chosen. The board is required to appoint someone to fill a seat within 30 days of a vacancy.

Tomorrow's meeting, at 7:30 p.m. at the Crofton Country Club, is the last board meeting scheduled for the month.

Town Hall officials said two District 2 residents filed applications to be appointed to the seat and that one resident expressed interest but had not filed an application as of Friday afternoon.

One of the applicants, Gayle Colner Sears, is a 14-year Crofton resident and a regional sales director who has volunteered at Crofton and Crofton Woods elementary schools. Board President Edwin F. Dosek and town hall officials would not release the name or application of the other resident who had filed for the seat. Dosek said the other resident's name should be made public because he wants the position only if no one else applies.

The board also is expected to hear a status report on the proposed West Region Area Library from Republican Del. Janet Greenip of District 33, according to the agenda.

County Executive John G. Gary rejected a request to place the nearly $9.3 million project in budget proposals for fiscal years 1998 and 1999, library spokeswoman Andrea Lewis said.

The county bought more than 17 acres in 1990 in the 400 block of Reidel Road, about 5 acres of which were earmarked for the library. Library officials have been asking for money to construct the 37,500-square-foot building since 1989, she said.

"The issue isn't whether they are going to build it; the question is what's the status," Dosek said last week. "We'll probably put together an ad hoc committee to pursue that."

Pub Date: 6/09/96

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