From The Sun June 9-15, 1846June 13: A messenger came to...


June 09, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun June 9-15, 1846

June 13: A messenger came to the city yesterday afternoon in search of a coroner, who stated that a man had been found hanging in the woods about three and a half miles out on the Falls Road.

June 15: The fine barque, from the yard of Godwin & Richardson, and the brig from the yards of Abraham & Cooper, were launched on Saturday afternoon.

From The Sun June 9-15, 1896

June 9: The annual picnic at St. Michaels Catholic Church, Lombard and Wolfe streets, was held yesterday in Wiessner's Park, Highlandtown, and was largely attended.

June 10: "Hungary Joe," the notorious "bunco steerer," who is serving a term of nine years in the Maryland Penitentiary, will be released June 20.

From The Sun June 9-15, 1946

June 9: Within an hour after the State Aviation Committee announced yesterday that the Bishopville Airport, near Ocean City, had been certified as a Class 1 airport, two Maryland airlines said they would inaugurate daily service between Baltimore and there to serve the summer resort.

June 10: Calling for a more militant attitude by the Negroes of Baltimore, speakers at a meeting held in Leadenhall Baptist Church yesterday afternoon charged the city's police with brutality toward both white and Negro citizens.

June 13: Best entry of the year in the field of hard boiled mystery fiction is "Somewhere in the Night" at the New Theater.

Pub Date: 6/09/96

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