A roundup of new products and servicesKeeping the FizzIf...


June 09, 1996|By Laura Barnhardt

A roundup of new products and services

Keeping the Fizz

If your last party lost its fizz -- literally -- invite the Incredible Soda Machine to your next one. The machine screws onto any threaded 1- or 2-liter soda bottle and uses pressure from the soda's own carbonation to dispense the liquid. At the push of a button, out comes soda that remains fizzy to the last drop. There's no more problem of having soda go flat in the bottle after a portion of it has been poured out. To order the Incredible Soda Machine, call (800) 776-7366. One unit is $4.99 plus shipping; three are $3.50 each plus shipping. The machine is a product of Reon, a California company. Here's one for the "what will they think of next?" list. It's Party-Deck -- a combination food tray and beverage holder that makes stand-up partying much easier. Designed by the Party-Deck Corp. of Edgewater, the tray allows a party guest to hold both food and beverage in one hand. The other hand is free to eat and greet. "The Party-Deck offers the party guest ... a third hand!" says Anne Pace, vice president of the company. Party-Deck is available in black and white, in packages of 200, for $36 plus shipping. To order, call (410) 798-1078. Planning to pass around the cigars at your next celebration? You can now customize the bands for the occasion. Legacy International, an Owings Mills company, offers four existing band designs but will custom design one for you if that's what you want. The bands can be ordered one of two ways: in a collectible tin (you put the bands on your own cigars) or already applied to a box of your favorite cigars. A set of 50 is $39.99. A set of 25 is $24.99 or $20.99 if you buy the cigars from Legacy. To order, call (410) 563-4775.

Pub Date: 6/09/96


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