Levinson is still filming his 'Diner' guys, possibly for a documentary of his pals'lives

June 07, 1996|By Sylvia Badger

THERE WERE bright lights, lots of action and cameras rolling at Jasper's Restaurant last Saturday night, where the wedding of the last of the "Diner Guys" was being celebrated and filmed. Yep, the most famous Diner Guy of all, film director Barry Levinson, came home to capture the party for newlyweds Chip and Renee Silverman.

For nearly six years, Levinson has been filming different segments of his "Diner" pals' lives, for (perhaps) a coming documentary, "Where are the Diner Guys?" During those years, he and his film crew have gone to camp several times with them, invited wives and girlfriends to a party in a diner and attended birthday and wedding celebrations. (Levinson's next film, "Sleeper" starring Robert DiNiro, will be released in the fall, and I understand Levinson also directed "Sphere," which is based on the Michael Crichton book.)

The music of Big Cam and the Lifter, with whom former Diner guy Barry Shockett plays, certainly added to the festive mood. Among the guests were Linda and Gary Huddles, she's a psychologist and he's an attorney; Annabelle and Richard Sher, she works for the mayor's office and he's the WJZ anchor; Allan Mason, a musician who has selected the background music for many Levinson movies; Marvin Rice, award-winning architect; Rick Rice, designer for Bugle Boy; Phyllis and Mark Winner, Winner Distributors; Buzz Beler, owner of the Prime Rib; Dr. Larry Becker; Dr. Lenny Berger; Freddie Brown, jeweler; Mike Miller, president of the Maryland Senate, who told me he attended the University of Maryland with many of the "Diner" guys; and Pat Moran, the casting director for the very successful "Homicide" television series filmed here, which has just been renewed for two years.

Also at the party were family members of the bride and groom -- Nancy and Ron Kligerman, Harriet Silverman and her ex, Erwin Gudelsky and their son, Barry Gudelsky; bride's dad Don Collins; Debbie and Greg Johnson, Stephanie and Kimberly Johnson; Renee's son, Jeffrey Blumenfeld; and even Renee's ex, Howard Blumenfeld, was there taking photos.

As I was leaving, real estate agent Nancy Fine quipped, "Isn't this great? This party is a cross between the movies "Diner" and "The Big Chill!"

More celebrities

As most of you know, Clint Eastwood will be in the Baltimore area for several weeks directing and starring in the film "Absolute Power." So don't be amazed if he just walks into your life one day soon.

Imagine how surprised members of the Green Spring Poodle Club were when they arrived at Maryvale School this past week with their dogs in tow for the last night of obedience classes. Not only were there trailers everywhere, but dog owners were greeted by a security guard.

The classes were nearly finished when members noticed that members of the cast and crew were watching. Soon everyone was chatting about the dogs and coming shows. Soon Gene Hackman and a lady friend walked in, and then Clint Eastwood strolled in. According to a friend, Eastwood could not have been nicer and was quite interested in the doggy lineup of Labs, Dobermans and Bouviers as well as poodles.

Eastwood was overheard saying "Oh, wow that's nice!" while watching the dogs perform. And the dog that seemed to attract the most attention was a black standard poodle named Shaquille, which belonged to Ellen Stokes, wife of Baltimore Zoo director Roger Birkel.

Eastwood is filming parts of Baltimore that look like the Washington setting he has in mind for his film. Don't dash to Maryvale, because that filming ended last night.

Around town:

Mike Lemon Casting will be at the Towson Holiday Inn Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon. They are looking for a girl and a boy, ages 9 or 10, for a part in the movie "Great Expectations," a modern adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel. The film will be shot in Florida.

The children should resemble the film's stars -- the boy should look like a young Ethan Hawke, who acted in "White Fang" and "The Dead Poets Society," and the girl should look like a young Gwyneth Paltrow, who was in "Seven" and "The Pallbearer." She's best known as Brad Pitt's girlfriend. Bring the child and a snapshot of the child with you.

A fifth-grade class from Jacksonville Elementary School will be treated to a cookout at Genstar's quarry in Texas, Md., on Monday. It was that class whom Genstar's Dave Whitehurst asked to hold a slogan contest and the winning entry would be displayed on their big cement mixers. The children certainly came up with a great slogan, "Kids and Drugs Don't Mix."

Pub Date: 6/07/96

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