'Wallace & Gromit'***

Unrated"Wallace & Gromit: The Best...

June 07, 1996|By Chris Kridler

'Wallace & Gromit'

***; Unrated

"Wallace & Gromit: The Best of Aardman Animation," playing for a week at the Charles, consists of a four-star claymation film lumped together with a bunch of other interesting, though not always exhilarating, clay-animated shorts. The star attraction here is definitely the comic adventure "A Close Shave," starring Wallace & Gromit, the hapless inventor and his clever dog who were also the stars of "The Wrong Trousers."

Director Nick Park's clay-animated (well, Plasticine-animated) story is brilliantly funny as Wallace and Gromit start up a window-washing service and Gromit finds himself framed by sheep rustlers. Wallace's inventions, his droll courtship of wool-shop owner Wendolene, and Gromit's plucky initiative are all sources of wonder and humor, as are, of course, the dim-witted sheep. Especially amazing is a fantastic high-speed chase scene.

Almost as amusing -- and touching, too -- is Park's Oscar-winning film "Creature Comforts," in which clay-animated animals are interviewed about their constricted life in the zoo.

Other films include the surreal "Ident" and the funny mayhem-making duo of "Pib and Pog," by different directors. There are commercials directed by Nick Park, too, and while many of these pieces are interesting, they lose their fascination after a while (the collection is 75 minutes long). But Wallace and Gromit are worth the price of admission.

Pub Date: 6/07/96

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