Knits hop from plane to fancy

June 06, 1996|By ELSA KLENSCH | ELSA KLENSCH,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Last year I married a handsome, successful lawyer I met skiing. But after our whirlwind romance I discovered there's a downside. He has an "A"-type personality and can be quite manic. When we travel, he insists that we pack only carry-on luggage so we can run off the plane and catch a cab.

Before we married, I always changed into something pretty when I went out to dinner. Now with my luggage restrictions I can't. What can I wear that's elegant enough for a fancy restaurant and functional enough for a 747?

There's usually an upside and downside to most things in life. In your case, it certainly seems you can make a few compromises to accommodate your husband's frantic schedule.

Going to fancy restaurants in foreign cities sounds like fun to me, and with careful planning you can always look great.

Giorgio Armani recommends collecting knit separates, especially classy sweaters.

"Knits work like magic. They are the fabrics that can survive the rigors of a long plane flight and go straight to a meeting or a restaurant," he says.

Armani, who always includes knits in both his fall and winter collections, suggests playing around with shapes, but keeping a monotone look. "I like the look of a cardigan jacket over a vest. You can always slip off the jacket if you want a barer, sexier look. Choose jersey pants, and you're ready for anything."

My maiden aunt was killed in a car accident early this year and left everything to me. She was a clothes horse, and her apartment is stashed with designer clothing and accessories that she collected regularly over the years. I read in your column that used alligator handbags sometimes bring a lot of money. Can you tell me what else is in demand?

I called Terrin Fisher, the owner of Out of Our Closet, a New York designer resale shop, and she said: "Tailored evening bags, like Gucci and Hermes, are popular as well as '40s and '50s structured alligator bags. When it comes to jewelry, the demand is for Art Deco, '60s and Victorian. Old Chanel earrings are a favorite.

"Although suits are selling extremely well, we also get a lot of requests for separates. Lightweight, knit cashmeres fly out of the store. In the dress department, strappy dresses with colorful prints are popular.

"As for designers, Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Jil Sander head the list."

Fisher added that Manolo Blahnik shoes are extremely hot, and that she's particularly interested in shoes in pastels and bright colors.

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Pub Date: 6/06/96

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