A work in progress"The kitchen isn't really ready yet...


June 06, 1996|By Elizabeth Large

A work in progress

"The kitchen isn't really ready yet," Brian Kemble explains carefully. "We still have to build it." So maybe, says Kemble, one of the owners of the new Greenbacks Bar and Grill, they shouldn't be advertising it as a bar and grill. "But, hey, that's its name. What're you going to do?" The bar and soon-to-be grill opened about a month ago at 940 S. Conkling St. When the kitchen is finished -- supposedly in a couple of weeks -- you'll be able to get burgers, shrimp, crabs and bar munchies there.

Dessert cookies

I'm not sure it can be called a trend quite yet, but I have noticed more restaurants offering cookies as an alternative to elaborate, calorie-laden desserts. They range from the artful plate of Italian cookies, biscotti and truffles at Sotto Sopra to what Louie's Bookstore Cafe calls "bar sweets," such as apricot pinwheel cookies and chocolate paradisio biscotti. It looks like a funky little coffee shop. But the new Silk Road Cafe (3215 N. Charles St., where Cafe Diana used to be) is much more: an Oriental noodle shop (12 different kinds in all; all under $5) and a place to get Middle Eastern food, from babaganoush to stuffed vine leaves, a few curries, stir fries and teriyaki chicken. It's even a coffee shop in the old sense of the term, a spot where you can get a roast beef sandwich and homemade soup, and in the new sense of the term, a place where you can get espresso and cappuccino.

Al fresco

For the first time this spring, Regi's (1002 Light St.) has outdoor seating -- nine tables on the sidewalk out front. The bistro's full menu is served at them. The Ruby Lounge (800 N. Charles St.) has a tiny courtyard with tables this year, which few people know exists. I'm looking for other restaurants with decks, porches or just a couple of tables near the entrance -- but not the ones everyone knows about like Sanders' Corner, Parrot Island and Sfuzzi. Call me at (410) 332-6197.

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Pub Date: 6/06/96

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