The wonders of watermelonWhat item of produce originated...


June 05, 1996|By Karol V. Menzie

The wonders of watermelon

What item of produce originated in the Kalahari Desert, was grown by Thomas Jefferson and was said by Mark Twain to be "king over all fruits?" If you guessed watermelon, you're probably one of the people the USDA estimates will eat 16 pounds of it this year. For a free brochure with tips on buying watermelons, and recipes such as Mediterranean watermelon (above), call (800) 55-MELON.

Charitable chefs

Don't feel like cooking tonight? How about sampling dishes by chefs from the Classic Catering People, plus local chefs Jennifer Price, Nancy Longo and Billy Himmelrich? Just stop by the "kitchen party" to benefit the Women's Housing Coalition. There will also be wine tastings and a silent auction at the event, from 6: 30 p.m. to 9: 30 p.m. at the Classic Catering People's commissary, 99 Painters Mill Road in Owings Mills. Cost is $50 a person; tickets will be available at the door. Call (410) 235-5782.

Fish ribs, anyone?

The National Fisheries Institute's "Seafood Source" newsletter says fish fanciers in the mid-Atlantic region this year can look for good availability of blue crabs, hard clams, sea scallops, whelk, conch, squid, Spanish mackerel, spot, croaker, monkfish and cape shark. You might also want to try tambaqui, a cousin of the piranha from the Amazon rain forest, that eats fruits and nuts, and whose ribs are said to taste like pork.

Heal thy grill

The sun finally shines, and you get out the old gas grill. You're ready to fire it up for some burgers or steak, but alas, the starter is broken. You can't even remember where you got the grill. What to do? Call Grill Parts Distributors of St. Petersburg, Fla., which specializes in supplying replacement parts for all types of gas grills. Call (800) 447-4557.

Pub Date: 6/05/96


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