Put the 'we' in OriolesThe controversy about "suggesting...


June 02, 1996

Put the 'we' in Orioles

The controversy about "suggesting" to Cal Ripken that he might agree to play third base during the Orioles' time of need is ridiculous. The very term "baseball team" should eliminate any thought of possibly hurting the great man's feelings.

The Orioles should get the "me" out and the "we" in.

W. K. Lester


Stay at short, but rest

Cal Ripken should keep playing shortstop, where he belongs, as his fielding is excellent. But he looks tired at the plate, his performance is inconsistent, and home runs are few and far between.

Manny Alexander should replace Ripken at times, with the streak intact, on the field and at bat, as this move would be good for both.

Joseph T. Kasprzak


Johnson losing respect

Davey Johnson is a jealous manager. He knows that he can not compete with the affection, respect and admiration Baltimore fans have for Cal Ripken.

Johnson does everything he can to demean and humiliate Cal. He is losing many fans, as we do not have any respect for him.

Dolores M. Neville


Kayaking clarification

Just to clarify a point, the Gunpowder River (below Prettyboy and below Route 1) has stretches that are dangerous for beginning kayakers -- and boaters of all stripes -- at certain water levels.

Novices should always make sure they know what they're getting into by calling, and/or being accompanied by outfitters or experienced, trusted friends. Again, whitewater kayaking is relatively safe, as long as you know what you're doing.

Lea Jones


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Pub Date: 6/02/96

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