It's easy to obtain a copy of your deed Get it through land nTC records office or a title company


June 02, 1996

Dear Mr. Gisriel: How do I get a copy of the deed to my house? The mortgage on the house has been paid off but the original deed has been lost.

Hannah Thompson


Dear Ms. Thompson: Congratulations on being able to pay off the mortgage on your house.

Since most mortgages run for 30 years, this is a long-cherished dream of most homeowners.

Since Maryland is a "cord-notice" state, your deed must be recorded in the land records of the county in which you live -- the fact that you've lost or misplaced your original deed should be of no consequence.

To obtain a copy of your deed, plus the title or recording reference, you can either contact a title company, which can obtain a certified copy for you out of the land records for less than $50, or you may want to go to the land records office at your county seat and see if you can get a copy yourself.

Finally, make sure that you received a written release of the mortgage that you paid off and that this release is also recorded in the land records in the county where you live.

This will prove for the record that the mortgage has, indeed, been paid in full.

Pub Date: 6/02/96

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