Community college faculty needs pay raise

June 01, 1996

WHILE WE are are not in a position to evaluate all of the assertions made in The Sun's May 13 editorial, the Essex Community College AAUP chapter would like to clarify one point. You noted that full-time faculty are paid at a higher rate than part-time faculty for teaching summer sessions.

Under the dictates of board policy and personal professional responsibility, the full-time faculty are charged with maintaining the academic environment of individual classes.

Excellence in teaching, the most important function and ultimate goal of the faculty, is supported by many hours spent in committee work, in creating and evaluating curricular programs and academic policy, in counseling students and in individual scholarly pursuits. For these reasons, full-time faculty are paid at a more substantial rate than part-time. Full-time faculty contracts are for 10 months while these responsibilities continue through the summer.

Full-time faculty members have not received a cost-of-living raise since January 1991, and, as a consequence, they have suffered a serious erosion of real income. Nonetheless, we urge the The Sun to join us in encouraging the board of trustees and the county council to grant an increase to part-time faculty members, whose plight is even more severe.

The colleges have difficulty attracting the best instructors at the present rate of pay. Those who accept assignments are encouraged to overextend themselves in an attempt to generate income sufficient to justify their costs.

Margaret Guchemand


The writer is president of the Essex Community College chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

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