Marina operator will pay back rentWe, at Baltimore Yacht...


April 30, 1996

Marina operator will pay back rent

We, at Baltimore Yacht Basin, are somewhat surprised at the information that The Sun has collected from its sources. In the April 23 editorial ("S.O.S. on managing city real estate"), you have alluded to us, although not by name, as getting a ''sweetheart deal -- an eight-year lease with no rent due the first two years, to settle a court fight over back taxes and rent . . . owed''

We wish that we didn't have to pay rent for two years. In fact, the ''sweetheart deal'' involves payment of more than $1 million for the eight years, with monthly payments due in 1996 and 1997 totaling $116,000 and $212,000, respectively.

In fact, nearly half of these payments are for real property taxes. Not one cent of rent or taxes was reduced or forgiven under either the initial lease or the new lease. Can the leaseholders of Inner Harbor enterprises, such as Henderson's or Pier 6, say that?

There is a saying in Hollywood that ''any publicly is good publicity.'' In that vein we want to thank you for the mention. We can certainly use the business to make our May rent and real property tax bill.

Dan Davis


Story on banking was first-rate

In my travels I occasionally talk to a few of your readers who criticize what they perceive as your biased editorial views. Although I may agree with them at times, I am always quick to compliment your paper as one of the best in the country.

There is no better example of that than The Sun's April 22 article by reporters Bill Atkinson and Gary Cohn, "$323.5 million scheme was one its victims couldn't pass up."

It is of Pulitzer Prize quality and one of the most fascinating stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading in your newspaper.

I have felt all along that the banking moguls are really running this country and most of the world. This story explains why our country is in such bad shape. I will say that most everyone who reads this story who earns under $50,000 per year will feel more secure and competent about themselves.

You have heard the cliche, "He is laughing all the way to the bank." Now we have another reason to laugh on our way to the bank.

Walter Boyd


A thoughtful gift to Jewish families

During the recent Passover holiday the government of Quebec prohibited the import of various kosher foods because their ingredients were labeled in English and not in French, the province's official language.

This restriction, whether inane or overtly anti-Semitic, left a bitter taste in the mouths of Montreal's large Jewish community.

Meanwhile, the city of Baltimore arranged for a special trash collection to accommodate members of its Jewish community, who had spent weeks cleaning their houses in preparation for the Festival of Freedom. This thoughtful gesture was done with little fanfare, almost as if it were a small holiday greeting from the city fathers.

How often we take for granted the religious liberty we have in this country, as well as what the government does to foster it.

Barbara Lasson


Pub Date: 4/30/96

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