Siti Hartinah Suharto,72, the wife of Indonesian President...


April 29, 1996

Siti Hartinah Suharto,72, the wife of Indonesian President Suharto who steered clear of politics but strongly opposed the practice of allowing men more than one wife, died of a heart attack yesterday at a military hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia, a spokesman for the presidential palace said.

Mrs. Suharto worked beside her husband during the Indonesian struggle for independence from Dutch colonial rule in 1945. Besides her husband, she is survived by six children and several grandchildren.

Saul Bass,75, an Academy Award-winning graphic artist and movie title designer whose creations appeared in "Vertigo" and "Psycho," died Thursday of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in Los Angeles.

One of his most famous film innovations was the crooked arm seen in the opening sequence of "The Man With the Golden Arm," the 1956 movie that starred Frank Sinatra.

Other striking images created by him included a falling petal that becomes a girl's tear in "Bonjour Tristesse" (1958), the prowling black cat of "Walk on the Wild Side" (1962) and the jagged titles of "Psycho" (1960).

He won the short subject Oscar in 1968 for his film "Why Man Creates."

Pub Date: 4/29/96

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