Youths demonstrate skills at 4-H competition

April 28, 1996

Carroll County 4-H members recently participated in their annual demonstration competition at the county Ag Center. Participants gave demonstrations and illustrated talks on various project topics for ribbon awards.

Automotive, Tractors, Small Engines, Bicycles -- Juniors, David Miller, red award.

Arts and Crafts, Photography -- 1st Time Juniors, Sandi Bolm, champion; Holly Armacost, Kelly Bassler, Chelsea Brulinski, Mary Ann Petkovsek, blue award.

Juniors, David and Amy Andrews, Jessica Boyd, champion; Amanda and Whitney Dell, Matthew Baile, Jessica Hester, Hillary Geiman and Kimmy Bosley, Meghan Leidy, Danielle Wilmsen, blue award.

Seniors, Amy Petkovsek, champion.

Clothing, Personal Appearance -- Juniors, Danielle Wilmsen and Lindsay Bream, champion; Miriam Beard, blue award.

Seniors, Rachel Dyky, champion; Amanda Dillon, blue award.

Conservation, Entomology, Forestry, Marksmanship -- Juniors, Brian Owings, blue award.

Seniors, Kelly Hobby, blue award.

Family Life, Child Care, Safety, Health -- Juniors, Brandy Malachowski, blue award.

Gardening, Plan & Plant, Field Crops -- 1st Time Juniors, Joanna Stewart, blue award.

Juniors, Emily and Sam Chamelin, Rebecca Fouts, champion.

Seniors, Cheryl Drzewianowski, Amy Miller, blue award.

Handyman, Electric, Woodworking -- Juniors, R. Christopher Bassler, blue award.

Seniors, Bruce Watt, champion.

Small Animals (Livestock) -- Juniors, Jason and Amy Ridinger, Amanda Dell, champion; Heather Slivecky, Katie Rae Warner, blue award; Jessica Ecker, red award.

Seniors, Debbie Caldwell, white award.

Large Animals (Livestock) -- 1st Time Juniors, Joshua Stewart, champion; Ashley Burdette, blue award.

Juniors, Mike Utz, champion; Laura Fisher, Paul Hester, Anna Warner, blue award.

Seniors, Renata Ramonda, champion; Tim Cole, Andrea Drzewianowski, blue award.

General Topics -- 1st Time Juniors, Zac Chamelin, champion; Lindsay Love, blue award.

Juniors, Christine Ramirez, champion; Stefanie Buckler, Whitney Dell, Stephanie Wilhelm, blue award.

Seniors, Rebecca Dowsley, champion; Cheryl Owings, blue award.

Food/Nutrition, Milk/Milk Product -- 1st Time Juniors, Jamie Lippy, blue award.

Juniors, Lauren Hess, champion; Kimmy Bosley, blue award.

Food/Nutrition, Bread or Cereal Product -- Juniors, Danielle Hess, blue award.

Seniors, Sarah Zimmerman, red award.

Food/Nutrition, Fruits -- 1st Time Juniors, Alexis Becker, blue award.

Food/Nutrition, Vegetable -- 1st Time Juniors, Katie Helwig, blue award.

Juniors, Jennifer Lippy, champion; Sara Kopp, blue award.

Food/Nutrition, Meat/Meat Product -- Juniors, Corey Becker, champion; Jim Malachowski, Chris Painter, blue award.

Food/Nutrition, Other -- 1st Time Juniors, Samantha Moore, champion; Brandi Burdette, Tara Wilhelm, blue award.

Juniors, Emily Hester, champion; Mark Andrews, Blair Mersinger, Jennifer Moore, blue award.

Egg Demonstration -- Seniors, Rachel Dyky, champion.

Horticulture, Foods, Home Environment -- Juniors, Anna Warner, champion; Stephen Moore, blue award.

Horticulture, Foods, Home Environment (Marketing) -- Seniors, Ross Bair, champion.

Horticulture Illustrated Talk -- Seniors, Laura Gibson, champion.

Clover 4-H'er Demonstrations -- Participation, Sam Beard, Kristopher Buckler, Rachel Drozinski, Abigail Hester, Laura Judge, Kathryn Tracey, Chris Utz.

Food and Nutrition Poster Contest -- Juniors, Samantha Moore, Miriam Beard, Sandy Bolm, blue award.

Seniors, Sara Kopp, Jennifer Moore, blue award.

Menu, One Meal Packed Lunch -- Juniors, Rebecca Fouts, Miriam Beard, blue award; Corey Becker, Darcie Stem, red award.

Menu, Vegetarian Menu -- Juniors, Alexis Baker, blue award.

Menu, One Meal Fast Food Restaurant -- Juniors, Rebecca Fouts, blue award.

Food Science Display -- Juniors, Katie Bassler, champion; Corey Becker, blue award.

Pub Date: 4/28/96

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