50 years ago Desmond X. Holdridge, a 40-year-old Baltimore...


April 28, 1996|By Compiled from the files of the Carroll County Historical Society's library.

50 years ago Desmond X. Holdridge, a 40-year-old Baltimore explorer and author, was killed in an automobile accident at noon Friday at the cross roads in Finksburg. Holdridge had his first brush with death at the age of 14 when, at a boys camp in New York, he fitted a rowboat with a sail only to be caught in a severe squall which crashed the boat against the shore of the lake. In 1925, with two other youths, Holdridge cruised into sub-Arctic waters in the Atlantic, where a five-day gale battered his 32-foot boat to pieces. The three survivors were picked up by another schooner. In 1928, he again was feared lost when he revisited Labrador in search of the island where Martin Frobisher established a colony in 1575, but he got back to Baltimore, only to ship out again. The only white man on the expedition, he discovered a lost tribe of ferocious Indians in the jungles of southern Venezuela, who one night attacked his camp but fled when Holdridge blew the campfire into flames. He later made friends with the tribe. -- Democratic Advocate, April 19, 1946.

75 years ago Representatives of a shirt factory were in town this week looking over the field with a view of locating here. Their desire is that not less than 35 or 40 girls will enter their employ and continue citing an instance where, in another locality, about 100 girls had enrolled as workers. When work began, about half that number reported for work while within a few weeks the number had dwindled to about a dozen. If we could procure the required number of workers who would stick, we could land an industry of this kind which would furnish employment to all in this locality who desire work. On the other hand, these industries can not locate in a locality as a mere ornament. -- Union Bridge Pilot, April 1, 1921.

100 years ago The Prohibition Party of Carroll County held a convention at Carroll Hall. The principal business of the convention was the election of 14 delegates to represent the county in the Prohibition State convention, held in Baltimore on the 23rd last. A resolution was adopted commending Mr. Levering as the choice of the convention as the candidate of the party for president of the United States. -- American Sentinel, April 25, 1896.

Pub Date: 4/28/96

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