Mud-slinging won't solve school issuesIt is time for...


April 28, 1996

Mud-slinging won't solve school issues

It is time for everyone to stop the rhetoric, the mud-slinging and the press hype long enough to identify and solve the true issues facing Anne Arundel County's educational system short- and long-term.

I appreciate the special effort made by the countywide Citizens Advisory Committee at its March 28 meeting to allow all sides to present their view of the issues, problems, causes and solutions. I also urge members of the press to look for positive, impartial and accurate ways to report educational issues and information. People in our county deserve solid reporting of the facts, not inflammatory hype.

I encourage the county executive and the school board to continue their discussions to agree on a prioritized list of issues, to create more joint committees to evaluate/correct specific issues and to publish and distribute joint memos/reports/findings. At the same time, I encourage our CAC and PTA/PTO organizations to monitor the progress of the county and school board and to exert appropriate pressure to pTC continue the constructive momentum initiated at the countywide CAC meeting. Our children are our investment in the future and we must invest wisely.

Marion S. Wear


The writer is Severna Park cluster coordinator for the Anne Arundel County Council ot PTAs.

Community has embraced B&A trail

Your editorial on April 2, "Lessons of Linear Parks," was excellent. The citizens of Anne Arundel County have indeed accepted the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail Park as a community asset. But further, they have openly embraced the linear parks movement and have actively woven the B&A Trail into their lives.

The Friends of the B&A Trail was formed by citizens to enhance, promote and protect the park. Thirty Eagle Scouts have completed service projects along the trail. Hundreds of citizens volunteer thousands of hours tending flower beds and assisting the staff with patrol and visitor services. Businesses, neighbors and whole communities have raised their quality of life by embracing the full potential of linear parks in their community.

I join you in encouraging other communities to follow the excellent example set by the people of Anne Arundel County.

David Dionne

Severna Park

The writer is park superintendent of the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail Park.

On gun coupon, where's the beef?

I was surprised to read on the front page April 13 about a discount coupon to a sporting goods store appearing on the back of a register tape at a Burger King. Surprised, because it was my impression that there was nothing wrong with a law-abiding citizen going to a sporting goods store to purchase a gun for such accepted reasons as hunting, target shooting or self-defense.

Staff writer Peter Hermann attempted to imply in the article that there was something wrong with this. It made me think back to the first time I wanted to find out where to find a gun show in Baltimore, and discovered that The Sun does not condone the legal trading of guns.

Is it, in fact, the opinion of The Sun that all gun owners are alike, that there is indeed no difference between a drug dealer who purchases a gun on the black market, a hunter, a homeowner who keeps a gun for self-defense and a police officer who is issued a gun by the city?

Is it the opinion of Burger King restaurants that they do not want the business of gun owners? Are they also incapable of distinguishing between legal and illegal gun ownership and use?

One last question that comes to mind: Will the S&W Sports Shop honor the coupon that was reprinted on the front page of the newspaper?

Your article raised some very good questions. However, I don't believe that they are the ones intended by the author. Nor do the answers appear to reflect well on The Sun or Burger King.

Stewart Baker


Natural beauty can't be replaced

I read in the newspaper that Anne Arundel County Councilman John Klocko plans to experiment with zoning for a Waugh Chapel development.

My advice: "Just say no, John" to this or any proposal that perpetuates urban sprawl in Anne Arundel County. Tell the developers that you support Anne Arundel's General Development Plan, that you are opposed to any piecemeal developments. Tell them there is no more back-door politics in Anne Arundel County.

But, Mr. Klocko, if you must experiment, please use your skills as an attorney to ferret out any conflict of interest in persons trying to persuade your political actions. As a test, experiment only in blighted areas, even if it happens to make some poor landowner rich by upgrading previous worthless lands. By blighted, I mean areas that the county has previously destroyed by building landfills, commercial centers. Commercializing residential areas is analagous to chopping off fingers, legs or other parts of the anatomy. If natural openness and beauty is removed, it cannot be replaced.

Paul McHugh


Limits on power of referendum

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