"Tularosa," by Michael McGarrity. Norton. 304 pages. $25...

Book Brief

April 28, 1996|By Nancy Pate | Nancy Pate,The Orlando Sentinel

"Tularosa," by Michael McGarrity. Norton. 304 pages. $25 This accomplished first novel takes its name from the area in southern New Mexico that was home for main character Kevin Kerney, currently the Santa Fe police chief. Working with Army investigator Sara Brannon, Kerney sets out on horseback through the rugged landscape in search of an AWOL soldier.

The whodunit aspects are the least of McGarrity's fast-paced story. More fun is watching Kerney and Brannon hurdle the many obstacles in their path, from landslides to scorpions to venial villains. McGarrity appealingly combines action and atmosphere, mystery and romance.

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