Old, painted cocoa set has two marks, two makers Market Value: Some of the pieces are German porcelain

others came from a company working in France.

April 28, 1996|By Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel | Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel,COWLES SYNDICATE

My friend gave me her mother's hand-painted cocoa set. Some of the pieces are marked with a shield with the word "Thomas" in the center and "Bavaria" below. Some are marked with "B & Co. France."

Why would there be two different names?

The first mark was used around 1908 by the porcelain factory of F. Thomas. It was in Marktredwitz, Bavaria, Germany.

The company was sold and is now a subsidiary of Rosenthal Glass & Porcelain.

The other mark was used after 1925 by L. Bernardaud & Co. in Limoges and Paris, France.

Most likely, some pieces were broken from the original set, and your friend's mother shopped around for something similar for replacements.

My silver-plated teapot is very odd. It has a sphinx for a handle. Its feet are shaped like animal hooves, and there are floral designs on the side. The bottom is marked "Wilcox Silver Plate, Quadruple Plate."

Can you tell when it was made?

The Wilcox Silver Plate Co. of Meriden, Conn., was in business from 1865 to 1898. Then it became part of the International Silver Co.

"Quadruple plate" means that the silver coating was heavier than standard grade.

Pieces with mixed designs such as yours were popular in the late 1800s.

How do I find out their value?

The white-border cards probably date from about 1915 to 1930.

If the cards were pasted in a scrapbook, they would show stains or tears when removed, and so their value would be minimal.

L You could try to sell the entire scrapbook for at least $25.

Scenic postcards that generally sell for the highest prices picture cars, trolleys, planes, baseball stadiums or other sports locations, world's fairs or some famous building or monument.

Pub Date: 4/28/96

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