Canceled cleanup in Catonsville rescheduled with new dumping plan

April 27, 1996|By Lisa Respers | Lisa Respers,SUN STAFF

A Catonsville community's cleanup project that turned into a wrangle with county government months ago over where to dump the refuse will take place today, with residents footing part the bill.

The Old Catonsville Neighborhood Association canceled its planned cleanup in November after the county refused to allow a donated dump truck to haul trash to the Western Landfill about six miles away in Halethorpe.

Residents were told they would have to use the Eastern Landfill in White Marsh -- about 35 miles away -- which they said would take about 1 1/2 hours in travel time round trip.

Maureen Sweeney Smith, who organized the cleanup, said public works officials refused to budge, citing a rule against large trucks dumping at the Western Landfill and saying that an exception would lead to other communities wanting to dump there.

Mrs. Smith said residents raised $300 to pay a reduced-rate rental for rolling dumpsters from the M. W. Spindler Refuse Removal Service. Their trash and debris will be hauled by the company to the Eastern Landfill, where the county has agreed to waive tipping fees, which might have cost several hundreds dollars.

"We really appreciate the county absorbing those fees, but we are only cleaning up three streets this time and plan on having two or three more cleanup days," Mrs. Smith said. "At that rate, it will cost us over $1,000 to clean our area."

Charles K. Weiss, chief of the Solid Waste Management Bureau, said a county regulation prohibits three-quarter-ton or larger vehicles from dumping at the Western Landfill.

Mrs. Smith said Spindler was providing its services at a reduced cost, which was covered by a $150 donation from a local developer, $100 from residents and $50 from the association.

Councilman Stephen G. Sam Moxley, a Catonsville Democrat, had been trying to resolve the issue for the association and recently sent a letter to County Executive C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger III voicing displeasure that residents had to pay for the cleanup.

"We've interceded, but the county just won't budge," Mr. Moxley said.

Pub Date: 4/27/96

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